APM Terminals Bahrain supports the country’s 2030 vision with a robust acceleration programme

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The company’s new development framework for maritime industry professionals and aspirants is now taking shape, with the first batch of participants being just announced. The framework supports Bahrain’s Vision 2030 and aims to develop the right calibre in the logistics industry, inject potential logistics leaders into the market and bring maritime expertise to new generations.

As one of the leading players within the logistics sector in Bahrain, APM Terminals Bahrain, which operates Khalifa Bin Salman Port, is committed to investing in the community and the whole ecosystem that is interconnected with the port. One of the company’s priorities is also to continuously increase the competencies of the people working in the industry, as well as making the industry itself more appealing and attractive as a potential workplace, especially for young Bahraini talents and aspiring professionals.

With this aim, APM Terminals Bahrain has, during 2021, launched a new comprehensive development framework as a way to give back to the community by developing future logistics leaders and injecting them to Bahrain’s labour Market. Named “Beكن”, the new initiative serves as an umbrella for two development programmes, targeting Bahrain’s logistics leaders of the future, as well as aspiring youth who are yet to enter the maritime business.

On 17th April, APM Terminals Bahrain officially announced the names of the first batch of 5 participants of the “Logistics Leaders of the Future” programme, as well as the 3 “Youth in Maritime” candidates, kick-starting the programme with a Ghabga celebration under the patronage of His Excellency, Engineer Kamal bin Ahmed Mohamed, Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications and a number of the Ministry’s officials in attendance. The evening consisted of announcing the candidates’ names and new roles as well as recognize the efforts of the entities and individuals who have tremendously supported the program and helped bringing it to life.

On this occasion, the Undersecretary for Ports and Maritime Affairs, His Excellency Sheikh Ahmed bin Isa Al Khalifa, praised the efforts made by APM Terminals in creating job opportunities in the maritime sector and in training and raising national caliber and skills as well as developing and strengthening the maritime and logistic sector and further its contribution to economic growth. This initiative also aligns with Bahrain’s economic vision and the Government Action Plan’s objectives which seek to support the private sector in taking on a greater role as a major driver in the development process and in creating quality opportunities for citizens and investors.

“We are very privileged to be able to support Bahrain’s ambitious Vision 2030, which also embraces the principles of sustainability, competitiveness and fairness. Our idea is to encourage aspiring future professionals to recognize our industry as an exciting future workplace and equip them with knowledge and tools needed for their future career”, shares Maureen Bannerman, Managing Director of APM Terminals Bahrain.

“We are very grateful to the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications and the Port and Maritime Affairs for their support and involvement in helping this initiative take shape”, adds Bannerman.

Future leaders and aspiring youth

The “Beكن” initiative is composed of two programmes. “Logistics Leaders of the Future” is a 24-month programme, where the first batch of candidates of whom the majority had their careers impacted due to the pandemic are selected for 5 positions in the company and offered a 2-years employment and development opportunity. “We want to offer programme participants a comprehensive, but also completely unfiltered experience, of working with us, that is why we are offering them real roles covering the whole spectrum of our business”, comments Yosra Abdulla Abdulwahid Hamad, General Manager- HR at APM Terminals Bahrain.

The “Youth in Maritime” programme, on the other hand, is an educational initiative, where three candidates are sponsored in collaboration with Maersk, Bahrain Polytechnic and South Tyneside College, UK. They will undergo the academic studies of Advanced Certificate/Diploma in Nautical Sciences which includes both the academic phase at the South Tyneside College and the mandatory sea-time apprenticeship aboard a Maersk vessel.

Additionally,  with the youth programme, the company aims at providing candidates with a real-time work experience, this time at sea, combined with prestigious academic courses. As Yosra Abdulla Abdulwahid Hamad explains, the purpose is to “ensure the right skills and expertise are developed amongst the youth, increasing their individual competences and making it easier for them to find future employment in the maritime industry”.

With this investment in people shaping the future of the maritime and logistics industry in Bahrain, APM Terminals also actively contributes to HRH Crown Prince’s direction in supporting Bahrainis who have become unemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic during 2020 and 2021.

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