APM Terminals extends concession of Kalundborg container terminal and introduces new customer services

APM Terminals has reached an agreement with the Port of Kalundborg to extend the concession of Kalundborg container terminal by 10 years to 2033.

Source: APM Terminals

In Kalundborg, APM Terminals will ramp up its presence by assuming responsibility of all facility crane operations. Furthermore, APM Terminals will introduce food and veterinary control as new customer services following investments made by the Port of Kalundborg.

“We will continue to invest to leverage our global capabilities locally in Kalundborg. With Kalundborg, we see an opportunity to provide customers with an exceptional service and an efficient, greener, and competitive product in a strong location, which is well connected, accessible, and closer to industry and customers of the port”, said Mikael Gutman, Managing Director Nordic, APM Terminals.

Kalundborg Port has a strategic location next to the deep-sea route in the Great Belt, linking the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, providing an optimal sea connectivity between Kalundborg and key central markets. Located close to the capital, Copenhagen, APM Terminals Kalundborg has access to one of the largest areas in Denmark, while offering approximately 12-hour shorter steam times by sea.

Kalundborg is a port undergoing rapid development and investments. APM Terminals began terminal operations in Kalundborg March 2021 receiving its first vessel call.

The 50.000 sqm. area located in Ny Vesthavn (New West Harbour) was designated by the Port of Kalundborg with a water depth of 15m and fully paved with the required infrastructure for APM Terminals to start operations.

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