APM Terminals Valencia to increase capacity and efficiency with 3.6m euro investment

APM Terminals Valencia has commissioned 11 new Terberg YT223 terminal tractors for container handling. They are new generation vehicles, equipped with Cummins Stage 5 engines, which comply with current European Union emissions regulations.

Source: APM Terminals

The new tractors are part of a more extensive investment plan for APM Terminals Valencia, which also includes the upcoming commissioning of four Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG) cranes, with a 50-tonne lifting capacity. The RTGs arrived from Castellón, where reach stackers are preferred for yard management due to technical and safety requirements. After the transfer by sea, components including GPS, a self-aligning system, and collision prevention have been renewed before commissioning.

New truck gates

APM Terminals Valencia has also commenced work on a new gate for trucks, which will increase the number of access lanes to the terminal from five to six. Equipped with Optical Character Recognition and License Plate Recognition, they will be able to automatically read container and truck details. Built in weighing platforms will be able to calculate the container weight (VGM) and transfer this to the Terminal Operating System. The new gates will be operational in the third quarter of 2023.

Upgrading the tractor fleet, new RTGs and the advanced gate complex are part of an 3.6 million euro investment plan to expand capacity, increase equipment efficiency and improve the flow of trucks entering the terminal.

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