B2C Europe rebranded to Maersk

Source: Maersk

A.P. Moller – Maersk (Maersk) announces that, effective today, B2C Europe’s logistics products and services are further integrated into Maersk’s e-commerce portfolio in Europe, rebranded as Maersk and operating under the E-Delivery product. This marks yet another step of the acquisition of the B2C Europe.

“We feel proud to contribute to the strength of the Maersk brand in Europe. Combining the expertise of B2C Europe and Maersk means we can provide complete supply chain services that enable the growth of customers’ online sales across Europe and beyond, with B2C Europe solutions delivering Maersk customers its multi-carrier platform for last-mile delivery.” said, José Vega, Managing Director of E-Delivery Europe

By joining forces with B2C Europe, Maersk is upscaling its e-commerce efforts in Europe by providing customers access to over 100 last-mile carriers through one simplified interface.

“We are immensely proud to integrate B2C Europe into Maersk and look forward to bringing the benefits to B2C Europe and Maersk customers alike. The brand integration represents a great opportunity for customers to grow, backed by simplifying and connecting their supply chains from factory to sofa. Adding such a strong-performing company to our e-commerce portfolio will enable customers to keep up with ever-changing consumer buying patterns and offer E-Delivery products for crucial end-to-end transparency.” mentioned, Karsten Kildahl, Managing Director of Maersk Europe

Maersk´s E-Delivery product uses technical integrations to collect parcels at customers’ warehouses and inject them into all-important European carrier networks using its multi-carrier platform. This enables customers to both sell domestically from their warehouses as well as cross-border into Europe, leveraging their integrated customs clearance solutions across the most important entry hubs.

Back in February, Maersk also acquired Pilot Freight Service (Pilot), further extending its global integrated logistics offering. A move aimed to complement the previous takeovers of Performance Team and Visible SCM in the US; LF Logistics in China and the Portuguese cloud-based logistics start-up, HUUB.

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