E-BOOK: Digitalisation of the retail supply chain for better customer experience

Source: MAERSK

With more and more ways to buy, customers have high expectations when it comes to their retail experiences. In 2022 Statista reported that 41% of shoppers around the world want their order within 24 hours, while 24% expect to receive their goods in a mere two hours or less. These rising expectations mean that to keep up retailers must implement greater degrees of digitalisation than ever before into their supply chains.

Impact of digitalisation on retail industry

The following e-book explores the four foundational components of a digitalised retail supply chain, while also exploring future ways that digitalisation can impact the retail industry.

Broken into three categories for greater clarity readers can learn:

  1. How AR and machine learning is revolutionising warehousing and inventory management.
  2. Why delivery optimisation is integral to future success; and how predictive analytics, micro-fulfilment centres, and ‘ship-from hubs’ can allow retailers to meet customer’s expectations.
  3. How digital encounters in-store can create meaningful experiences for customers, marrying their online and in-person journeys.

Want to know more so you can provide your customers with the best possible retail experience?

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