Industry-leading digital services rolled out at APM Terminals Valencia

Source: APM Terminals

APM Terminals has implemented its industry-leading global container tracking solution in Valencia. Known as Track & Trace, customers can now access real-time data for their containers, check live vessel schedules and cut-off times, save containers to a Container Watchlist and set up email notifications.

The terminal will also roll out live Truck Turn Times and gate cameras to support customers in speeding up pick-up and drop-offs at the terminal. And for customers tracking larger quantities of containers a real-time API data feed will be available in the coming weeks.

Standardised global Terminal Operating System

The implementation of these services was made possible by the implementation of APM Terminals’ global standard Navis N4 Terminal Operating System (TOS). This is the most advanced TOS in the port.

Implementing the company’s standard global TOS enables facilities like APM Terminals Valencia to quickly implement the company’s global range of online tools to support customers. Track & Trace for example is now available for 28 of the company’s terminals.

APM Terminals global TOS implementation also reduces downtime due to pro-active learnings from other terminals around the globe. It is supported by a specialist global 24/7 TOS support team that continually monitors TOS performance to resolve any issues before they happen, meaning maximum availability for customers. 
This global approach also leverages best practises from other terminals to improves processes, optimize planning and increase productivity at the terminal. APM Terminals Valencia, for example, expects to increase yard’s capacity by 10%.

Customers can track their import and export containers via using the container number, the booking number supplied by the shipping company or the bill of lading number. The website is optimised to work on any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Among other things, data includes the vessel estimated time of arrival, discharge time, container status, availability for pick-up, container data and when it exited the terminal. Details of any (customs) holds on the container can also be viewed.

Track & Trace also provides live vessel schedules with cargo cut-off times per container type and shipping line and current estimated times of arrival and departure.

Personal Container Watchlist

For customer’s tracking larger volumes of containers, they will be prompted to save containers to a personal Container Watchlist. “This saves customers time and effort, continually copying and pasting their containers into the search to retrieve the latest status,” says María Garcia, Chief Commercial Officer at APM Terminals Spanish Gateways.

“Filtering options in the Container Watchlist allow customers, for example, to quickly identify containers that are ready for collection, missing appointments or have issues (e.g. Customs Holds) that need resolving.”

Email Notifications

Furthermore, from the Container Watchlist page, customers can set up email notifications, which provide a snapshot of their Container Watchlist at a specific moment in time. Customers can choose which days they would like to receive notifications and whether to receive them once or twice per day at fixed times. This makes it easier for customers to stay on top of their container status.

API Data Feeds

Customer’s tracking large volumes of containers will shortly be able to benefit from a real-time API data feed from APM Terminals Valencia straight into their Transport Management System. Customers can then automatically receive container status updates without having to switch systems, saving additional manual work and ensuring that they always have the latest status at their fingertips.

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