Maritime shipping bunkers more fuel in Rotterdam in 2022

Last year, maritime shipping bunkered significantly more fuel in Rotterdam; 10.8 million compared to 10.2 million up to 2021. With that, demand for fuel oil, gas oil, methanol and LNG was 6.3 percent higher than in 2021.

Source: Port of Rotterdam

Notable was the increase in demand for biofuel-blended bunkers. Demand rose from 301,000 tonnes to 790,000 tonnes. For the first time, some sea-going vessels bunkered methanol, but from the summer of 2023, sea-going vessels will arrive on a regular basis to bunker this fuel. 

Two years after the introduction of the bunker licence for bunker fuel suppliers in Rotterdam, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Antwerp-Bruges Port Authority announced late last year that it will make bunker measuring systems mandatory. With the measure, the port authorities aim to make the ARA bunker market more transparent, efficient and reliable.

The good results of 2022 confirm Rotterdam’s position as Europe’s leading bunker port.

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