MOL Selected for ‘Nadeshiko Brand’ as a Company Encouraging Women’s Success in Workplace for 2 Consecutive Years

Source: MOL

MOL yesterday announced the company has been selected to the list of “Nadeshiko Brands” for the second consecutive year under a joint initiative by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TES) to promote women’s success in the workplace.

The initiative aims to introduce investors to TSE-listed enterprises make outstanding efforts to help women succeed in the workplace, making these enterprises attractive investment targets that emphasize improving mid- and long-term corporate value. This in turn will draw further investor attention to these enterprises and continue to accelerate steps to create more opportunities for women.

In April 2021, the MOL Group established a new basic policy, which positions promotion of diversity and inclusion as “driving forces for new growth” to promote diversity and inclusion management more powerfully than ever before. The basic policy is central to our human resources strategy, and we move forward a framework that can combine the diverse individual abilities of every group employee all over the world to create new values.

The MOL Group takes a proactive stance in various initiatives such on enhancing systems needed during different life stages such as childcare support, extensive support for career development, training programs for build awareness at managerial levels and dialogues to help the MOL Group’s women in networking and career development.

The MOL Group is committed to creating a workplace and corporate culture that combines diverse personalities and capabilities and motivates and rewards all employees.

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