The maritime baccalaureate is adjusted to the needs of the port and logistics sector with the inclusion of 5 new study programs

Source: AMP

During a formal act held in the Auditorium of the International Maritime University of Panama (UMIP), the National Directorate of Curriculum and Educational Technology of the Ministry of Education (MEDUCA) officially handed over to the Minister of Education, Maruja Gorday Moreno de Villalobos, the five new study programs corresponding to the Maritime Baccalaureate, which include: Industry and Basic Maritime Regulations; Nautical Sciences; Fundamentals of Measurements and Maritime Industrial Safety; Drawing and Interpretation of Technical Manuals, as well as Maritime Information Technology.

The joint work between the private sector, the AMP, the Academy and the Ministry of Education, resulted in this great contribution, in favor of designing a study plan model that we are sure will mark a before and after in the maritime education in our country.

The Administrator of the Panama Maritime Authority, Noriel Arauz, pointed out that the AMP, as the governing body of the country’s maritime activities, is proud to have played its role as proponent of initiatives that adapt and promote the maritime, port and logistics development of the nation, in this case, referring to the formation of young people in an integral way so that their preparation is in accordance with current changes and needs”.

“We will closely and enthusiastically follow its preliminary implementation in the Santa Librada Bilingual Educational Center, in the educational region of San Miguelito, as well as by 2023 in the other schools that offer this Bachelor. These actions will benefit graduates so that they obtain up-to-date and appropriate skills allowing them to face higher levels of education or the labour market.”

“We trust that these new study programs will optimize the Maritime Baccalaureate so that, in the near future, it will have a greater impact on the development of the country’s maritime, port and logistics strategies.”

“I want to congratulate the Minister and her work team, for the extraordinary work carried out to ensure that the product of the work delivered by the AMP was not only accepted as its own, but also implemented in a pilot plan that begins this year. The willingness and speed that they have given to this project deserves not only a big round of applause, but all our support and respect”, concluded Administrator Arauz.

The Minister of Education, Maruja Gorday Moreno de Villalobos, thanked the support provided by the AMP through the delivery of the Consulting Service report for the Diagnosis and Evaluation of the Maritime Baccalaureate, in the month of October 2021, which served as the basis for the implementation of these new study programs that will help to form the human capital that our country requires.

The Rector of the International Maritime University of Panama (UMIP), Victor Luna, Directors of the Panama Maritime Authority and the Ministry of Education, as well as teachers and students from educational centers that count with the Maritime Baccalaureate at national level, was present at the event. 

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