The world’s largest container ship will fly the Panama Flag

Source: AMP

The Panama Ship Registry has added to its fleet the Ever Alot” container ship, the world’s biggest container ship and the first to break the 24,004 TEU mark. Panama has 18 of the world’s 20 largest container ships in terms of TEUs.

The vessel has impressive dimensions, with a length of 400 meters, a width of 61.5 meters -approximately the size of three and a half soccer fields- and a draft of 17 meters. 

The Ever Alot incorporates a gas treatment system for complying with pollutant gas emission limits, an energy saving equipment and a bulb-less bow design to reduce fuel consumption. 

The Ever Alot, launched at the end of June, surpassed the Ever Ace as the world’s largest container ship.  Like the other vessels, Ever Act, Ever Aim and Ever Alp, which have a slightly smaller capacity of 23,992 TEUs, it belongs to Evergreen‘s “A” Class, sailing mainly between Europe and Asia. 

All these vessels are registered in Panama, as evidence of the ship owners’ solidity and preference for the Panamanian Registry that is administered through the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP)

Panama offers benefits to its clients, such as the renewal of the agreement between the government of the Republic of Panama and the government of the People’s Republic of China on Maritime Transportation, that brings important advantages to Panama-flagged vessels, including expedited passage and discounts when entering ports in the People’s Republic of China. 

The Register proposes an attractive incentive program to promote a greener industry and a younger world fleet; in addition to its consular network of 53 offices, where shipping services are provided, such as ship registration, mortgage registration and of course, all seafarer’s certifications and also through 4 auxiliary registry offices dedicated to the documentation of seafarers, and 14 international technical offices strategically located around the world, to support the more than 350,000 seafarers who sail aboard the 8,500 vessels registered under the national flag.

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